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Spring Show artists announced at men’s basketball game

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By Julia Sayers 

Graphic courtesy of SUB

Neon Trees, Wale and Super Mash Bros. are this year’s Spring Show, scheduled for 7 p.m. May 6 in Alumni Gym.

The Student Union Board announced the artists during the men’s basketball game vs. Appalachian State University on Feb. 5. The response to the announcement was mixed.

Students seemed excited for Wale, a rapper who has recorded with many popular artists, including Lady Gaga and Gucci Mane.

“Wale’s one of my favorite rappers alive now,” senior Chris Bunn said. “He’s got great flow and solid hooks in his songs. I think he’ll throw a good show.”

Super Mash Bros. are “mash-up artists,” which means they create songs by mixing together two or more recorded songs.

“I’m pretty excited about Super Mash Bros. They have some good mash-ups,” sophomore Keegan Johnson said.  “I don’t really know Neon Trees, but I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to it.”

Most students seemed to agree that they would be attending the show even though they weren’t huge fans of all of the artists.

“I feel like there were better options, but I’ll be there,” freshman Sarah Fassett said.

SUB tries to provide a show that will appeal to everyone by pairing together artists with different styles of music.

“We figured out a mixed genre show is best for Elon,” said senior Lauren Leonard, SUB music chair. “It brings a larger range of students.”

But some students were disappointed with the genre choices for this year.

“I’d like to see more rock,” senior Matt Sullivan said.

SUB uses the Spring Show survey as a basis for the artists they choose. The survey is built from previously suggested submissions from students at different events, as well as people on committees within SUB. Then they check with agencies to find out prices and availability.

Once the results of the survey are calculated, SUB works from the most popular down to determine who the artists will be. A bid is put in for the artist and the artist declines or accepts with certain requests, such as date changes. The artist who is chosen is normally in the top percentage.

“The survey basically determines the Spring Show because that is where the main options come from,” Leonard said.

After the artist is chosen and arrangements are made, SUB works through its agency to get the contracts signed and gets in touch with the artists for scheduling and transportation.

Most of the artists chosen are frequently booked at universities so they are used to playing college shows.  My Nguyen, president of SUB, and Leonard both agreed the artists are always appreciative.

“We treat them well; we meet their needs and they enjoying coming to Elon because the students are so welcoming,” Leonard said.

But what most artists find unique about Elon is the small southern town.

“Every place they go is unique and different so they’re not put off by being in a small town in North Carolina, but most haven’t spent time in the South, so they’re intrigued by it,” Leonard said.


Written by juliasayers

February 5, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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