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Model U.N. Simulation Conference to be held at Elon University

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The International Crisis Conference, sponsored by Model U.N., is a two-day crisis simulation being held at Elon University from Sunday, Apr. 10 to Monday, Apr. 11. The ICCE is a real-world simulation that allows students to put into practice what they learn in the classroom.

The simulation, which will be the 10th simulation hosted by the MUN society at Elon, is modeled after Princeton University’s International Crisis Simulation, which involves students from Intro to International Relations courses and all members of the MUN organization. The students are divided into 9 Asian state actor committees and the United States. The committees work to produce initiatives addressing several central themes of the simulation, including nuclear programs, Iranian ambitions to enter the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and U.S. and NATO-ISAF operations in Afghanistan. The committees also respond to relevant crises that thwart the committee’s efforts.

Student journalists are needed to portray media teams to work on behalf of their agency to gather information via interviews, press conferences or investigative reporting. Interested journalists should contact Kassondra Cloos at kcloos@elon.edu.


Written by juliasayers

February 7, 2011 at 10:30 am

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