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Students sell fried pastries to fund alternative spring break trip to Mexico

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By Julia Sayers

Destinee Pray works the table in Moseley selling churros to support the alternative spring break trip to Mexico. Photo by Julia Sayers.

While some students will be laying out on the beach all spring break, others will be hard at work helping others. This year students had the opportunity to participate in the alternative spring break trip to San Luís Potosí, Mexico. This trip is the first alternative break trip to go to Mexico. Alternative spring break trips are service trips that are either student led or led through campus organizations.

To help fund the trip, which is through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning, students organized a churros fundraiser. Churros, fried dough pastries popular in Latin America, were sold in Moseley for $1.50 each.

Freshman Destinee Pray, who worked the table and is going on the trip, said ARAMARK cooked the churros for them, free of a labor charge.

Freshman Kacie Brennell helped to organize the fundraiser.

“I knew churros were available through Aramark and thought that would be convenient and unique,” Brennell said.

The students sold 170 churros were sold in the first day.

“I was walking across campus with all these churros in my arms and everyone was looking at me like who is this girl and why does she have so many churros?” Brennell laughed.

More churros are expected to be sold on Valentine’s Day, since students can send a pastry with a candy gram to a friend’s mail box.

Students going on the trip will pay no more than $1000. Financial aid is also available through the Kernodle Center. Students applied for the trip in the fall for the nine available spots.

“We wanted to keep the numbers small so it is a more intimate experience,” Brennell said.

On the trip, students will be spending the mornings at University Technológico Superior teaching English to the students. In the afternoon, Elon students will perform various service deeds including visiting an immigrant shelter, a retirement home and a soup kitchen. Brennell is one of the student leaders.

“I’m so thrilled. I’ve been on service trips to Mexico before but never led one,” Brennell said. “It’s an honor because I’m just a freshmen. I applied and didn’t think I’d get it but here I am.”

The two faculty advisors on the trip are Dianne Ford and Mary Leigh Frier. Ford has been to Mexico before on a sister city program that Burlington, NC has with Soledad de Gráciano Sanchez, Mexico.  Sister cities are cities in geographically and politically distinct areas that have established cooperative agreements between them to promote cultural and commercial ties.

“What makes this trip unique is that Burlington has a sister city program that sends adults to Soledad on service trips,” Brennell said. “This year Soledad is opening up to students from Elon.”

Churros will be sold until Monday.


Written by juliasayers

February 14, 2011 at 12:08 am

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