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Anna’s Thai Café offers unique and flavorful ethnic cuisine

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By Julia Sayers

Anna's Special Rolls, crispy fried rolls with ground pork, are a great option for an appetizer. Photo by Julia Sayers.

Burlington, N.C. – Need to get your Pad Thai fix? Try Anna’s Thai Sushi at the new location on Church Street, which opened March 11. The original Anna’s Thai Café is in downtown Burlington.

Curtis Bishop, owner of the restaurant, has worked in the restaurant industry since 1994. He chose to open the restaurant on Church Street to get more exposure. Bishop is not worried about competition with the other Thai restaurants in town.

“There’s enough business for everyone and we have some unique dishes,” Bishop said.

The restaurant boasts its own sushi chef, who has been in the industry for 17 years. In addition to a large variety of Thai food and sushi, the restaurant also offers a fully stocked bar. The dining area, separated from the bar by the sushi preparation area, has a calm and relaxed atmosphere where diners can enjoy a quiet dinner. The waiters and staff are all very friendly and attentive.

Diners can choose from a variety of appetizers to start off their meal. Anna’s Special Rolls, crispy fried rolls with ground pork, are a great option.

They burst with flavor and have the perfect amount of kick to them; not too spicy, yet not bland at all. The house sauce served with them tastes like a unique version of duck sauce and compliments the rolls well.

For a main meal, the options are endless. The menu, while a little overwhelming, offers everything from sushi to lamb to noodle dishes and curry. The spicy dishes are rated on a scale of mild, medium and hot but can be requested to be less or more spicy, depending on the diner’s preference.

Anna's Thai Sushi offers Pad Thai, a dish consisting of thin rice noodles pan seared with egg, scallions, bean sprouts and topped with crushed roasted peanuts, as an entree. Photo by Julia Sayers.

The Pad Thai, a dish consisting of thin rice noodles pan-seared with egg, scallions, bean sprouts and topped with crushed roasted peanuts, was unique, but delicious nonetheless. It was different than most Pad Thai in that it was sweeter and almost had a tangy citrus taste to it.

Customers can choose to add chicken, shrimp, pork, beef, tofu or vegetables to the Pad Thai. It is best with chicken or shrimp and you get a good amount of what you order. You don’t have to dig around in your noodles to find a few pieces of meat. The pieces of chicken were sizable and plentiful. As a cute decoration, a flower carved out of a carrot is added to the side of the dish.

Anna's Thai Sushi has a wide range of desserts, including homemade coconut cake. Photo by Julia Sayers.

The restaurant also offers homemade desserts as a sweet way to end your meal. The coconut cake is just one of many options, including blueberry cheesecake, crème brùlée and German chocolate cake. A large slice of coconut cake is served on a drizzle of chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry. The cake is extremely moist and has a delicious, authentic coconut flavor. The icing and filling are also to die for.  Customers can get just a slice or can choose to buy a whole cake to take home with them.

Anna’s Thai Café is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. They will soon be accepting Phoenix Cash.


Written by juliasayers

March 16, 2011 at 1:08 pm

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