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Bingo gives students opportunity to win prizes and eat free food

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Bingo is a fun way for students to win prizes and get involved on campus.

By Julia Sayers

“B 4…or after!” the audience yells in response to the Bingo number announcement. This is just one of the many puns heard at the Resident Student Association’s Survival Bingo, an event that happens once a month during Midnight Meals in McKinnon Hall on Thursday nights.

Survival Bingo isn’t your average Bingo. Dance-offs, singing, races, and students standing on chairs screaming, “I have BO!” are all normal occurrences at Survival Bingo. Variations of the regular Bingo game are played, such as Postage Stamp, X Marks the Spot, BO, the Elon E, and even an Upside Down Martini glass (for alcohol awareness). Students have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, starting out with smaller food items and working up to bigger prizes like movies, bikes and the final prize of a Wii.

The name includes survival because it’s supposed to help students “survive” on campus by giving prizes such as snack food, drinks, soap, laundry detergent and blankets. RSA tries to give Bingo a theme each week, which also includes themed prizes. Past themes have been Disney, Going Green, Seven Deadly Sins, St. Patrick’s Day, and Pool Party. Prizes for the Disney theme included Disney Princess macaroni and cheese and classic Disney movies. For the Going Green theme, prizes like water bottles were given and for St. Patrick’s Day, every prize was green.

Survival Bingo started about 10 years ago as a way to get more students involved in campus and RSA activities.

“The point of Survival Bingo is to get more campus involvement,” said Abigail Bradbury, programming director of RSA. “We want people to get to know other people on campus and bring the community together.”

Just in the last year, the event has grown from 50 people to a current turnout of 150 people. Bingo is advertised on E-net, fliers, and mainly through Facebook and word of mouth.

Funding for the event comes from the RSA budget allotted each year by the Student Government Association. Sometimes RSA will coordinate with another office on campus that will help fund the event and give it a specific theme.

“We’ve been working a lot with the Office of Sustainability lately,” Bradbury said. “They’re trying to get people to go green and we give away a bike when we pair up with them.”

Bradbury noted that the amount of people who come to Bingo doubles when they give away a bike.

RSA works with the Student Union Board since it is a Midnight Meals event. SUB helps to promote the event and spread the word. Since SUB sponsors Midnight Meals, they provide the food for Survival Bingo. Students can enjoy a free midnight snack, which differs with each event. Some of the most popular foods are sloppy joes, chicken tenders, pizza, hot dogs and donuts.

The last Survival Bingo of this year will be on Thursday, April 21. RSA has a bigger budget for it. As always, there will be a Wii as the final prize along with other large prizes.


Written by juliasayers

April 4, 2011 at 8:44 am

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  1. Fun feature! When you post something like this and you maybe don’t have a photo to play with it right away it takes only a few seconds to find a copyright-free picture of a bingo card to put alongside the story. This type of story should not be posted without art of some sort to draw readers in.

    You included a lot of good specific details – nicely done.
    You should have noted specifically WHERE the midnight meals take place right up at the top, not everyone on campus knows that location.


    April 4, 2011 at 10:58 am

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