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Mobile devices are affecting how Americans get their news

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With inventions like the iPad, people can get digital versions of newspapers. Photo courtesy of Apple, Inc.

By Julia Sayers

Mobile devices are changing the way Americans get their news. A study conducted in January by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that 47 percent of American adults get news on their cell phone or tablet. However, 99 percent of Americans do not pay for the news applications they use.  13 percent of mobile device owners report having an application that helps them get news.

This new age of mobile and Internet news is changing the way Americans get their news.

“I have an iPhone so I get most of my news on there,” said Kristen Wrenn, a senior at Elon University. “I also check the major networks websites, but I just don’t have time to read newspapers.”

However, many people are still using more “old fashioned” ways of getting their news.

“I get most of my news from the TV and I also get the Wall Street Journal in my campus mailbox,” said Alyssa King, a sophomore at Elon. “Having it on a phone is helpful and easy to get updates of current events but I just don’t use it as much.”

Alberto Rojas, a senior at Elon, has a similar opinion.

“I think for quick news, mobile devices work just fine, but there are things that you have to hear someone saying for you to get the whole picture,” Rojas said.

With the way news is headed in this technological era, the future of newspapers is a concern. The Pew Research study found out that 39 percent of Americans say the loss of newspapers would have no impact on them, with 30 percent saying it would have a minor impact and 28 percent saying they would be majorly impacted.

“News is definitely going all mobile,” said Pat McCaskill, an Elon employee. “I can see it happening. Every week another newspaper goes under.”

Wrenn believes that newspapers won’t completely disappear, but rather will go digital.

“With things like the iPad, it’s becoming a lot easier to get a digital version of a newspaper,” Wrenn said. “On the internet it’s different, it’s not laid out. But with the iPad it’s basically just an electronic version of the paper.”

Austin King, a junior at Elon thinks the mobile era will be good for newspapers.

“I’m sure they’ve hurt physically in sales, but this is going to help them become more technologically involved,” King said.

Alyssa King feels that newspapers are slowly dying because our world is trying to be more eco-friendly, but they will never totally disappear.

“There is always going to be that generation of people who want them. That group of people who want to read them on their porch or read them with their coffee,” Alyssa said.


Written by juliasayers

April 6, 2011 at 9:33 am

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