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Well check out this list I’ve compiled of the top 20 people to follow on Twitter for all things journalism! I’ve found Tweeters that give tips, post links, have discussions and give news. I’ve organized them into sections depending on what they tend to tweet most about. These are in no particular order.

Tips, Resources and Discussions:

Jeremy Caplan (@jeremycaplan): Caplan is always posting links to tips that can help journalists. He posts things like tips on investigative reporting and tips on how to use software.

Steve Buttry (@stevebuttry): Buttry links to a blog he writes about tips for journalists. He focuses a lot on job hunting tips and what journalists can do to ensure their job hunt is successful.

Journalism.co.uk (@journalismnews): They post links to things like social media strategies and do a “tip of the day” for journalists. They also post snippets of news from all over the world and retweet events that might interest journalists.

Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw): Posts links to resources to help journalists interpret data, understand RSS and similar things. He also will retweet posts about journalists and tweet questions to engage people in discussions about journalism.

Kevin Sablan (@ksablan): Sablan also tweets and retweets about news in the journalism world and also links to tips, such as tips for job hunting.

Joanna Geary (@timesjoanna): Often retweeted by Kevin Sablan, Geary is great at engaging people in discussions about journalism. Make sure you follow her and get involved in these discussions!

Robert Hernandez (@webjournalist): Hernandez posts news but also links to his blog that has discussions about journalism and also gives tips to journalists.

Jonathan Hewett (@jonhew): Looking for a job or an internship? Hewett is the one to follow. A majority of his tweets are retweets by companies looking for employees or interns.

Sree Sreenivasan (@sree): Sreenivasan posts links to things like “Top 10 things you need to know this morning,” mistakes to avoid in journalism, and 6 things you need to know about LinkedIn.

Mary Hamilton (@newsmary): Hamilton is a good resource to find other journalism Twitters. She often retweets discussions about journalism but also posts things about headline and deadline writing and articles about journalists on Twitter.

Social Media:

Vadim Lavrusik (@lavrusik): Lavrusik, a social strategist, gives information on how social media affects journalists. He links to things like how Facebook affects journalists and what the future of journalism is.

Pete Cashmore (@mashable): Cashmore posts breaking social media news. He also tweets about how this affects journalists and tips for web design and other software.

Mediagazer (@mediagazer): This is your resource for all things media in the news. It “presents the days must-read media news on a single page.” This is helpful for journalists since they must always be up to date on what is going on with the media.


Jim Romenesko (@romenesko): Romenesko posts important news, but also focuses a lot on news about journalism and accomplishments by Communications Schools around the country. He also posts fun links such as “seeing journalism through the eyes of Lady Gaga.”

Mathew Ingram (@mathewi): Ingram tweets news articles involving the media. For example, “NBA team owners say the don’t need the media.” This is good for journalists who want to know how the media is doing.

Nieman Lab (@NiemanLab): The Nieman Lab is all about figuring out the future of journalism. They post links to news about journalism and the media, and things that can affect the media, such as innovations and inventions.

Poorna Shetty (@MSNTravelPoorna): This Twitter is a little more specific, as Shetty focuses on travel journalism. She is a great one to follow for those interested in travel journalism. She posts the latest travel news and reviews of hotels, restaurants, places, etc.

Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper): Cooper is on this list because he posts news, but instead of just posting stuff straight from CNN, he adds a personal aspect and asks questions to get followers involved.

Laura Kuenssberg (@BBCLauraK): Kuenssberg, a correspondent for BBC News, is a great resource news in the UK. She also posts discussion questions and links to articles about journalists.

Alan Rusbridger (@arusbridger): Rusbridger has an interesting Twitter to follow since he is editor in chief of Guardian newspaper. In addition to reading his posts, you can also navigate his lists which organize news in categories of music, politics, culture, america, and new media in journalism.


Written by juliasayers

April 11, 2011 at 10:29 am

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  1. I like the way you divided them under the subheadlines.

    You should make each name stand out by either using boldface typography or using BOLDFACE AND CAPS for the names of people and organizations.

    Most people say that Twitter is the name of the tool you use and tweeting is the verb for using Twitter, so tweeters is the noun to represent people who use Twitter. Have you found it to be that the people are called “Ttwitters”? I have seen some people call them “twitterers.” And some people call them Twits, but I think that’s mostly tongue-in-cheek. You should probably change your first sentence to read either tweeters or twitterers.


    April 12, 2011 at 11:23 am

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